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5 Minute Relationship Fix: The S Word

five minute relationship fix

Here is the most recent “5 Minute Relationship Fix” segment from the Todd & Erin Show, where I share quick tips to strengthen relationships in just five minutes!

This week, we’re tackling a topic that comes up over and over again:  the “S” word.  Yep, that’s right, we’re talking about sex!

Too often, women feel like sex is a chore, while men are often wanting sex to be spontaneous.  Listen here for how planning sex can help you and your partner have a more fulfilling relationship!


When a Loved One Experiences a Faith Transition

When a loved one goes through a faith crisis showing respect, compassion, and trust in the relationship are key

When a Loved One Experiences a Faith Transition

Religion is a part of our culture and our identity, both individually and as a society.  Sometimes, however, a person experiences a faith crisis (sometimes referred to as a faith transition) and chooses a different path.  Studies show that 28% of Americans change their religious preference at least once in their lives, and the number continues to grow.  This is an issue that hits the hearts and homes of many in our community, and can unfortunately be a source of great pain, confusion, and potential conflict in families.  Here are some strategies to handle a faith transition of a loved one:  

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How to Make Your Fourth of July Vacation Stress Free

The Fourth of July holiday is quickly approaching, and that means cold drinks, cook-outs, and fireworks. For some, it also means road trips to visit family and friends. With 47% of Americans planning to take road trips this year, that’s a lot of hours on the road that can lead to bickering, stress, and ultimately trip-ending migraines.  Stress is the leading cause of headaches, and no one wants to experience either during a fun family road trip. In an effort to alleviate stress and help families travel this summer holiday season.  Excedrin has put together a few tips and tricks for road warriors:

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Ask Julie: “What Should I Say?”: Studio 5

Straightforward advice for your toughest relationship situations!

This week on KSL TV’s Studio 5 with Brooke Walker I tackle viewer’s tough relationship dilemmas in this new Q & A segment called “Ask Julie.”

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5 Minute Relationship Fix: The Chore Wars

5 Minute Rleationship Fix

This is so cool! Every Friday I’ll be sharing a “5 Minute Relationship Fix” on the Todd & Erin Show. Get quick tips to create strong relationships in just five minutes!

This week: The Chore Wars. How to end the fighting and resentment over who does what at home.

Who’s in charge of the dishes? How about the laundry? Who tracks the kids’ activities? Listen and find out how to clarify the domains in your home.


Tech Milestones for Kids (part 2)

Kids and Technology

How early is TOO early for cell phones for kids?

What about computers or iPads in bedrooms? Unsupervised internet access? Let’s get into agreement. I talk through the process with Todd and Erin on Rewind 100.7.

Listen to part 1 here.

Tech Milestones For Kids (part 1)

Kids and Technology

How early is TOO early for cell phones for kids?

Surprisingly, there’s more to it than just age. I walks Todd & Erin through when, what and why. Computers? Unsupervised internet access? Let’s get into agreement on this. Listen to this enlightening interview!

Listen to part 2 here

Handling Complicated Mother Relationships on Mother’s Day (part 2)

Every week I give Todd and Erin Show listeners on Rewind100.7 a homework assignment. This week I challenge listeners to list the positive gifts your mother has offered you and to celebrate those on Mother’s Day. It may be a short list. I also encourage listeners to view their mother as not “good” or “bad” but some mixture of both. Listen to part 1

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Celebrating Multiple Moms on Mother’s Day: HuffPost Live

Multiple moms on Mother's Day

Families come in many constellations and mother figures come in a variety of forms–bio-mother, step-mothers, mother-in-laws, lesbian mothers, adoptive mother. Watch this lively HuffPost Live panel discussion on celebrating multiple moms on Mother’s Day!

Hosted by: Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani
Dana Rudolph @mombian (Boston, MA) Founder of Mombian: Sustenance for Lesbian Moms
Josh Silverman @DashiNoodleBar (Bellingham, WA) Has 7 Women to Celebrate on Mother’s Day
Julie Hanks @julie_hanks (Salt Lake City, UT) Psychotherapist, Owner and Executive Director of Wasatch Family Therapy
Kellen Kaiser @momsandbombs (San Francisco, CA) Contributor at

How many moms are you recognizing this Mother’s Day?