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Communities in Shock: Megan Huntsman Tragedy


Recent events in Pleasant Grove surrounding the discovery of the remains of seven infants has shocked communities around the globe. It is impossible to comprehend how a mother could conceal seven pregnancies and end the life of six of her own children, as newborns. While this kind of situation is extremely rare, and many details surrounding Huntsman’s situation are still unknown, Todd and Erin thought it might be helpful to share some community resources for women who have an unwanted pregnancy, who have delivered a baby they are unable or unwilling to care for, who are suffering from postpartum emotional disorders, or who have loved ones dealing with severe mental illness. Utah was among the first state to pass have safe haven law that allows parents to drop off their infant to any hospital with no questions asked and without legal action.

Utah Safe Haven
Postpartum Support International
Utah Alliance for Mental Illness

Ask Julie: How To Move On After Betrayal

I was with my ex for only a few months, but as far as I was concerned it was a serious relationship. Towards the beginning of our relationship we discussed various issues which we both had – he had been sexually abused as a young child, and I had been sexually assaulted only a year before I met him. We discussed these issues and how they affected us in terms of our relationships with other people. I realise it sounds naive, but I fell in love with him and would have done anything to help him. He confided in me that he was in a substantial amount of debt and was constantly worried that his house and possessions would be repossessed etc., and despite the fact that I am a student and have very little money to myself, I had a part-time job (while he was unable to find a job) and lent him around £1000. He always swore that he would pay this money back, but after splitting up with me he decided that he wouldn’t. Legally, I can’t do anything about this because neither of us signed any kind of contract.

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Should I Forgive My Abusive Mom?

Should I Forgive My Abusive Mom?

I’m giddy about being invited to talk with listeners on the Todd and Erin Morning Show. They’re now on air weekdays at Rewind 100.7 FM! I chatted with caller “Nicole” about whether or not to forgive her mother who has a history of alcoholism and abusive behavior.

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Ask Julie: Am I Depressed?

Q: So five months ago, I moved from Chicago to a new school. I thought it would be great to move to a new school, but I was wrong. It isn’t and I’m still not making any close friends. Everyone already has all their groups and best friends, so it’s really hard for me. I still haven’t found Read more

Supporting A Loved One With Mental Illness: Studio 5

On Studio 5 a brave Utah woman shares her story of her husband’s struggle with mental illness. Because those who suffer don’t “look” ill, they are often misunderstood and don’t get the support offered to those with a visible illness. Here are 5 ways we can better support friends and family members struggling with mental illness.

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6 Questions To Ask Before Changing Careers

Guest post by Rachel Eddins, Therapist and Career Counselor in Houston, TX

Are you considering a career change? Many people believe that they need a career change when often they may just need a change within their current career path. There are multiple ways to make a change in your career path without making a complete career change. Some examples include, changing industries, changing roles within the same industry, finding creative ways to utilize the skills and knowledge you already have, or even building on a hobby. Before moving forward, assess what areas in your career you are dissatisfied with and what you would prefer instead. This can help you determine the next steps in your career transition.

Consider each of the following areas of your career and reflect on the prompting questions to gain greater insight about your career needs. For the areas that you are dissatisfied with, ask yourself, “What would I prefer instead?”

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HBO’s Girls and Grief Responses: Women’s Health Interview

People have a variety of initial responses upon hearing about the death of a friend or work associate. A recent episode of HBO show Girls showed the main character Hannah having a numb response to the death of her book editor, leaving her friends wondering why she’s being self-absorbed. I share my thoughts on the subject in a recent Women’s Health Magazine article.

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6 Things To Give Up For a Happier Life: Studio 5

Too often we define our happiness by all we have. But perhaps the key to a happier life is giving up certain things.
Studio 5 Self-Improvement Contributor Julie Hanks, LCSW reveals six things to give up for a happier life.

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