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    Media Interview Booking

    Looking for an engaging, relevant, and down-to-earth relationship expert? I've appeared on Fox News, Discovery Health, and interviewed with WSJ, CNN, Cosmo, Woman's Day and others. Schedule an Interview

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    Personal Coaching

    Let me help you problems solve, remove barriers, and create the life you want. Schedule personal coaching sessions for relationship help, life balance, self-care, and for highly creative women who are struggling to balance art and family life. Let's work together!

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    Private Practice Consulting & Webinars

    Let me help you build your dream practice! I've built my solo practice into a clinic of 20 clinicians by effectively using technology & social media and I want to show you how. More information here

5 Ways to Develop Resilience: Studio 5


Everyone goes through challenging experiences: loss, illness, divorce, and other hardships can take a heavy emotional toll. Resilience is being able overcome these kind of struggles and is the ability to “bounce back.” But you don’t have to wait until the storms hit to develop this skill. Here are 5 ways to build resilience for when you really need it:
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Want New Music? Become a Backer for New EP

I am SO excited about this new batch of songs I’ve been writing. A handful of songs are almost ready to see the light of day…BUT I need to raise the funds to cover the cost of studio rental, arrangers, musicians, engineers, mixing mastering, cover photo and design, etc…and that’s where you come in!